Welcome to Super Bonfire

We combine all kinds of ingredients, blending multi discipline digital media content that works best for different applications of communication.

Set Your Soul On Fire

只为触动灵魂   所以不择手段

Super Bonfire Group is a multimedia content creator, event management team. A hybrid of creative agency & production company. We understand client requirements and provides innovative solutions in any form. In 2017 SBF launched with a significant number of high-profile clients and has executed multiple breakthrough productions in the following years. Super Bonfire Group strives to create award-winning work. We aim to be the most sought-after creative, design & content creation team in the industry.

Super Bonfire group is a digital content powerhouse. We are specializing digital content creative, consultation, and commercial film direction. With industry-leading experience in big-budget production, we are the ”SWAT TEAM” for all content creators. From the big screen to your cell phone and everything in between, we cover all aspects of content production. Our goal is to bring a superior level of creativity, organization, and quality to all projects that we produce, manage, consult and generate.

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