Our Process

From concept development to execution, our teams of creatives, artists and producers, develop the creative concepts directly with brands and agency’s in a highly efficient process that brings results. SBF is a one stop shop to get great ideas to become greater experiences that excite and create memories for audiences. With experience in leading some of the biggest productions in the market, SBF will guide the process and take out the guess work in delivering world class experiences.
Our core strengths are creative and art direction, with years of professional experience constantly dealing with different client expectations and scale of projects. SBF is very familiar with different styles of creative content and art direction. We don’t stick to one specific style of visuals or story telling, we adapt to new things and ideas quickly and that’s what make us able to handle different challenges.
We have years of experience making visuals, but the most important aspect of a film & visual experience is story. We constantly invest in writing great story's and developing engaging script & content. Without a good story the creative and art direction wont reaches its maximum expression in terms of emotional and a project value. This is what we believe in, content and visuals must be balanced perfectly.
Our team has more than 10 years experience managing different post – production teams, from initiation of a project through to the end, managing both creative and, art directors with a team of up to 40 artists. He deals directly with the clients in different situations such as a film and show production. He sets the film direction and production management with different departments and film crew through to delivery.
We are familiar with many technologies for different projects. From technical planning through display setups, live tracking, moving screens, robot kinetics. We manage the process and production of content running parallel throughout the project. We Make sure different technologies work together perfectly with the content, animation and story telling.
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