Why so serious? Come on in! This is a space where we share our passion, we celebrate our work our time being together. SBF is formed by people. It is the beautiful people that put all the stunning visuals and work together. Well, besides all the serious stuff, we always love having fun together. We love music, art, food, plants, travel, the party that feed our beautiful souls.

We’re not robots. That’s what makes us so wonderful. We are truly connected by our love for design, humanity, and curiosity. This is all how it all come together and move us forward.

Look at those faces!

We aim to to bring different talents together to create something beautiful. We believe that behind every piece of hard work, there is a group of people who strive to share the same passion and belief and make progress together, be it clients, partners or collaborators.

Teamwork makes dreams work. Our team is the purpose to built anything from the ground up to meet any challenge. Hotpot and barbeque have become part of our mutual culture.

Is our play time!

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