Ding Ding 2021 Future Organization Conference

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
- Leonardo da Vinci -

We were invited to create a simplified 2D animation opening sequence for the conference. It was a pretty challenging process for our team as we need to find the perfect balance between animation, simplify graphics and express the concept. We ended up we created a 50fps 11k resolution video for the event. It was fun and it was always in our roots to create a 2D design-focused piece.


This is an era of alternating questions and answers.

When digitization makes the complex simple,

Can the precision of science and technology be closer to the heart?

When things changing so fast in the age of speed right now,

A quick response is a way to achieve the unknown galaxy space

When space is no longer a constraint,

When will we truly have freedom across space and time?

When each one of us is inspired to create,

Will the world of the future transcend fantasy and exist with unexpected surprises?

The question and imagination to the future world would never stop

That's why we keep moving forward

Future, achieve by answering and responding.​​​​​​​

Ding Ding Opening Film 2021 Full Credit List

Client - Ding Ding
Agency - CIG

Executive Producer - David Ran
Creative Director - Kaism
Project Management - Kay
Production Producer - Radzi

Animation Director - Madnas, Azhan
Lead Compositor - Madnas
3D Animation - Azhan, Alan
Compositor - Alan, Mansell, Victoria
Design Support - Daxiang

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