Mercedes Benz S Class Launch 2017
*** The Exceptional Taste of Modern Luxury ***

We were approached by Mercedes client after the launch of BMW 5 series, it was one of our goal to be able to work on a Mercedes Benz project to put into our portfolio. We were able to develop the concept and ideas of the videos directly with our client, and all 4 main videos require totally different concept and content, including art direction.

It all starts off with a time machine going through great human achievement to the first car in the world and keep progressing to be the leading technology and setting the benchmark of automotive industry since 100+ years ago. Understanding the progression of 16 generation of S Class from sports, luxury, positioning, technology of Mercedes Benz is way beyond our generic understanding about Mercedes Benz.

Client - Mercedes Benz China
Agency - Kingway China

Creative Direction / Animation Direction / Art Direction - Kaism
Project Manager - David Ran
Art Direction / Style Frames - Kaism, LY
Producers - Vera, GaoYing

#01_Opening Video
Lead Compositor - Matthew Phan
Compositors - Perez, Naim
3D Animation / Lighting - EE

#02_Best Car - History & Evolution of S Class
Direction / Previz / Edit / Camera Movement - Kaism, Nasfi
Main 3D Animation / Lighting / Shading - Nasfi, Kaism
Additional 3D Set Dressing - Boon
3D FX (Smoke, Cloth) - Fukun
3D Car Modeling - Voodoo Studio, Lulu Zhang
Lead Compositor - Nasfi, Calvin Mok, Boon, DB
Additional Compositor - SKY, Yeujian

#03_S Class Launch
3D Animation / Lighting - CK Kong, Weiliat Teoh, Wubin Yow
Lead Compositing - YeuJian, Perez
Finishing Compositor / Color Correction / FX - Kaism, LY

#04_Maybach Launch
3D Animation / Ink Simulation / Rendering - SKY
Lead Compositor - Wednesday Rong
Compositors - SKY

**Produced at Super Bonfire Group
and partners Moving Apes Studio, Lorry Pop Studio, Two People Studio, Stayano & Voodoo Studio**


*** Always Ahead of It's Time***

此次开场视频不是单一视频,而是视频+音乐效果+光效互动的综合 体,旨在让每位来宾在 60 秒的时间内,对于“时间”有一个不同的视角与思考 ——创领时代、走在时代前面,是一种精神,也是一种“时间观”——它不是 少数人所独有,而是存在于人性当中,并因此成为推动时代向前的深层力量。 在全片末尾,配合现场光束而对每一位来宾提出呼应片头的设问——表达这种 精神也是互联智能时代的核心精神。
奔驰 S 继续以同样拥有这样的精神的时代创领者同行。

开篇设问: (时钟嘀嗒声) 配音+字幕:
在时间中 你,听到了什么? (时钟嘀嗒声)
时光逝去的明证? 抑或未来临近的脚步? (时钟嘀嗒声)

当下机械的重复? 抑或不断创新的探索? (时钟嘀嗒声)
对现有认知的回响? 抑或无限可能的试问? (时钟嘀嗒声)
Ending 落版:
Always Ahead of Its Time
梅赛德斯-奔驰 S 级轿车 —— 引领天下之势

Ending 落版之后配合光束互动的“回马枪”:
(呼应片子开始时的设问,但现场光束落点疾速落从观众区的若干点位扫过,引 发每一个人的思考)



This sequence of the event, we clearly need to establish the fact that Mercedes Benz S class is the best car in the world. The letter “S” that change the world with the first car mankind ever build, the benchmark of how a car should looks like and so on. The only choice of vehicle for those with visionary, power, and leading the world.

It’s is a celebration of each innovation, bringing better life, experience and value for those who travel, constantly setting a new benchmark and tendency for the industry. The letter ”S” that set in the star field, it is not just making the first car and the best car, it is a progression of mankind.

在此条视频中,我们希望从始至终贯穿一个事实,就是奔驰S一直都是世界上最好的车,而S这个字母的含义随着第一辆 S造出而发生的改变,并不断因为S的进化而赋予新的含义。对于那些有远见的领先者来说,S是他们唯一的选择。
它也是为S的每一个创新,每一次为更好驾乘体验的改进,每一次为行业设定标准的而发出的欢呼。S 这个字母在星空 中,它不仅仅是代表一辆车,一辆最好的车,更代表了人类的进步和思维的演变。


*** Sometimes complexity could be misleading, simplicity at
it’s most complex form could lead to a unforgettable moment. ***

For our S class launch we need to create an engaging way to pre tease the key features of this vehicle. Based on the understanding of these new features and yet to maintain the exceptional taste of luxury we are proposing a circle as our key element to elaborate the essence of the new S class.






It was one of the toughest project we dealt with in year 2017. The launch of facelift Mercedes Bensz S Class and Mercedes Maybach. With many uncertainty during the development of the project, changes of direction from show director and client, we still manage to propose the right direction and deliver all the films in the end. We direct and produced 4 main videos for the event, running at 8700 pixels. 3 weeks of pre-production and 3 weeks of animation / motion graphics production.

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