LiXiang L7 Virtual Launch Event 2023

In a groundbreaking virtual launch event, LiXiang and SBF joined forces to captivate over 10 million viewers. Over the course of two months, they created an immersive online experience that set a new industry benchmark. It all began with the concept of LiXiang's "Mobile Home" product, which served as the inspiration for eight enchanting scenes.

The journey commenced with the LiXiang car's home, a cozy haven, before whisking viewers away to the picturesque "Forest Tree House." From there, they found themselves immersed in the romance of the "Starry Sky Camp," followed by a breathtaking view from the "Distant Mountain Horizon." The adventure continued with glimpses into the secretive "Safety Laboratory" and the creative "Designer Studio." Next, the bustling "Futuristic City" showcased the vibrant energy of LiXiang's vision, leading to the grand finale at the "LiXiang Dealer Shop."

The team embraced the power of virtual production, meticulously crafting every detail. Real ground settings replaced traditional virtual screens, lending an unparalleled sense of realism. The shooting process, lasting only three and a half days, demanded exceptional execution and boundless creativity. With soil, gravel, and a myriad of props, they meticulously designed each scene. Vegetation choices were carefully tailored to match the ambiance, ensuring authenticity.

Cutting-edge technology was their ally. Utilizing six NDISPLAY servers, twelve NVIDIA A6000 graphics cards, and a dedicated 600-square-meter p2.6 LED screen, they bridged the gap between the virtual and real worlds. Their unified software and hardware integration delivered an experience that felt remarkably lifelike.

Throughout the shoot, the team's unwavering dedication shone. They continuously monitored visual effects, adjusting camera angles, lighting, and colors in real time. Their goal was to create the perfect composition and engage in seamless communication with the clients, saving valuable time.

The event's speakers, real industry professionals, showcased their expertise with utmost professionalism. Guided by targeted emotional cues, they delivered heartfelt speeches that resonated with the audience.

Every transition was meticulously designed to evoke a sense of wonder. For instance, the journey from the starry sky camp to the mountaintop involved crafting over ten variations of vegetation and gravel. Each scene was transformed, offering a unique and mesmerizing experience.

Post-processing was where the magic truly came alive. The collaboration between SBF and LiXiang elevated the visuals to cinematic levels. Color grading was meticulously adjusted, highlighting every detail, even the texture and shine of the car's paint from every angle.

To immerse viewers completely, ambient sounds were added to each scene. Birds chirping in the valley of the forest tree house, the soothing murmur of water by the starry sky camp, and the bustling sounds of passing cars in the futuristic city — every auditory element heightened the sensory experience.

All Scene Design - Unreal Engine

Through their unwavering creativity, meticulous execution, and abundant resources, the SBF team accomplished a feat that left viewers spellbound. The LiXiang L7 Virtual Launch Event flawlessly conveyed the essence of the LiXiang brand, bringing product highlights to life with unmatched precision and artistry.

LiXiang L7 Virtual Launch Credit List

Brand: LiXiang
Agency: LiveKingway
E. Creative Director:Kaism, DB Gao
E. Producer:David Ran
Director:DB Gao
Assistant Director:Mancy Liu
Producer: Mancy Liu, Yanlu Guo

XR Production
DOP:Wei Wei
Prop Art Director: Lichao
Unit Production Manager: Da Ming, Xiao Liang
Voice/Audio Mixing:Wu Jiang

Creative, Content & Scene Development
Lead UE Artist/ Teams: Bart, Zhenyu,, Maolin G, Dongyang, Xiaowen, Azhan, Heiqiang
Lead UE Blueprint: HCG

Post Production
CG Artist/ Compositor:Nas, Zhenyu, Danish, Firdaus, A Dai, Alvin
Editor:Lumi,He Xudong
Color Grading & Oline:InFang

Produced at Super Bonfire Group and partners.

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