Launching 3 new cars in Buicks #1 market in the world was a great project for SBF. 
Using a 70-meter-wide projection with 40 projectors and 6 lasers we built custom content for each product launch.

The highlight of the show was carving the Buick logo out of a 3d block of steel with the 6 lasers on 
the projection. Syncing the laser with the content was planned and executed by SBF and was quite 
difficult to achieve. In the end, the show was a success and we got a great showcase of laser 
interaction with projection mapping.



Full Credit

Client - Buick China
Agency - Kingway China
Show Director - Bao Yi

Creative Director - Kaism Lim
E. Producer - David Ran, Shukri Yunos
Animation Director - DB Gao, Nasfi
Producers - Charlotte Chong, Yin Chen
Art Director - Lock Yi Chong
Designers - Daxin, Antwar

Lead Compositor - DB Gao, Nasfi
Lead CG Artist - Taozi, Dennis Sibilev
Compositor - Antwar, Azhan, Xiao He
Lasers Animation - Adai, Lulu Zhang, Jia Zhi Feng
Asst. Compositor - Pacak, Shakir, Azarul, Fu Kun
CG Artist - Dimitri, Tenline CG team
Asst. CG Artist - Syed

Produced at Super Bonfire with partners. (Tenline, Stayano, Pacak Team)


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