Longines SH Launch

Super Bonfire collaborated with Havas for the launch event of Longines Conquest series watches in winter 2023 in Shanghai. Super Bonfire was primarily responsible for the production of on-site visual content, predominantly using projection to showcase the unique features and brand values of the new Conquest series watches by Longines. This thrilling experience aimed to be a fusion of creativity and technology, intending to deeply portray the excellence of the Longines brand through visual artistic expression.

Firstly, we utilized projection to deliver visual content, presenting the exquisite design details of the Longines Conquest watches in high definition for the audience. This not only included a realistic representation of the watch's exterior but also emphasized the display of its unique creative elements, conveying the brand's consistent spirit of fashion and dedication to exceptional watchmaking craftsmanship. Through projection, we successfully showcased the dial structure and technical characteristics of the watches, highlighting the innovation and engineering excellence of the Longines brand. Audiences could appreciate the subtle movements of the hands and feel the precision craftsmanship of the watches, gaining a profound understanding of the watches' uniqueness.


In addition to visually presenting the watches, we used projection to convey the core values of the Longines brand. Through the combination of the brand logo and dynamic text displays, we emphasized Longines' leadership in the traditional watchmaking field, showcasing its commitment to exceptional quality, a spirit of continuous innovation, and a promise to an elegant lifestyle. This content design enabled the audience to deeply grasp the unique charm of Longines as a brand and the perfect blend of fashion and tradition embodied by the new watches.

Super Bonfire, in the production of on-site visual content using projection, showcased the features and brand values of the Longines Conquest watches successfully through a combination of high creativity and technical prowess. This not only provided the audience with a visual feast but also highlighted Longines' prominent position in the watchmaking industry through a strong and lasting impression.

Full Credits
Brand – Longines China 
Agency – Havas Shanghai

E. Producer: Jason Kirby
E-Creative Director: Syazwan 
Producer: Chang Gao

Art Director: Busra 
Stage Setup: Syazwan 
CG Lead: Madnas
Compositor: Amin & Madnas 
Lead Editor: Xiaohe

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