The Brief
We got approached by Xu Wei to produce a music video for his old song released in year 2002. The essential brief from the artist was create something interesting with the core meaning of the song, cheerful, bright and full of positive energy even life is full of difficulties, we still need to move on and keep walking.

The Approach
Base on our understanding of his background and his music style, we came up with a 2D paper cut man that gone through different space and time, with some imaginative scene and subject, where this song came from (the era) and what could represent him as a character.

We have 14 days to produce the moment we get the brief, 3 days of brainstorming and planning, 6 days of graphics design and art direction, 5 days of character animation, compositing and edit.

The Crew
Creative Direction - Kaism
Producer - David Ran
Art Direction - Charlotte Chong
Additional Design - An Qi
Character Animation - Lulu Zhang
Compositor - DB
Additional Compositing - Fu Kun

Song - 漫步
Album - 时光, 漫步
Artist - 许巍

Style Frame Design
Screen Shots
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