Ignite VP Studio

Boundless in reality and illusion, harmoniously 「igniting」 the celestial

On November 29th, IGNITE VP STUDIO, co-founded by SBF together with Showplus, HXY and XianTong, officially opened its studio in Sendai Film and Television Park, Huairou District, Beijing. Dedicated to creating a leading virtual production laboratory base in China, with advanced hardware and core virtual filming technology, gathering first-line resources from different industries and carrying out a new digital reconstruction, to create a virtual production laboratory relying on artificial intelligence, digital art, and advanced filming concepts, and a perfect combination of live action and virtualization through digitization. No longer subject to the traditional shooting time, space, or natural limitations, to achieve fast and efficient shooting. The virtual scene is combined with the real scene to create a real WYSIWYG.

The film uses the shooting technique of one shot to the end, running through the story that will happen wherever there are people. With the changing times and technological advancements, storytelling has evolved from the early days when primitive humans communicated stories through dialogue. It has progressed step by step to the creation of stories through filmmaking. Looking into the future, we discover that we are, in fact, the stories themselves.



The overall creative expression of storytelling is advancing, transitioning from primitive scenes of early humans to futuristic cyber scenes. This progression aligns with the advanced filming concepts of IGNITE VP STUDIO, perfectly showcasing the characteristics of virtual shooting and the all-encompassing filming solutions offered by IGNITE VP STUDIO.

Utilizing XR technology, the film provides a clear view of performances and receives the most direct feedback on the performances.



E. Producer: David Ran
E. Creative Director: DB Gao
Project Manager: Zhao Yang
Production Producer: Elinor

Content Creative Team
Creative Director: DB Gao
UE Artist: Bart, XiaoWen
Hybrid Artist: DongYang, ZhongHai
Support Art Director: DaXiang
Support Editor: Dan
Project Assistant: Charlotte, Kay

Shooting Team
Technical Director: David Ran
Director: DB Gao
Assistant Director: David Ran, Elinor
Line Producer: Da Ming, Liang Zi
System and Construction: Showplus
UE Artist: Bart, XiaoWen
UE Programmer: HCG
Support Artist: ZhongHai
DOP: Wei
BTS: Yang Zhao

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