Vivo Origin OS Ocean 2021 - Virtual Launch

From September 2021 to the launch in early December 2021, we strive to create one of our most extensive XR production for Vivo. We are launching the best operating system for Vivo to release in China. The Origin OS Ocean. 

Our team takes on early conceptual design, scenes design, and shooting to post-production tasks.

The creative director requires the team to create China's first XR virtual production and live scene construction conference using a similar movie production. We completed six virtual sets, nine speakers in sequence, and filming in six days, ten days for setup, three days of technical rehearsal with an onsite crew consist more than 50 people. All scenes transition need to seamlessly while different speakers in different stages in the entire sixty minutes.

Many challenges we are facing while we are working on this project. 

1. How can we get the virtual scene to be as close to the real as possible? Such as bamboo forest and the seaside? The traditional XR scenes cannot restore the reality of the ground. However, there is still much work to match the virtual beach with the natural sand, and the virtual bamboo has similar challenges. The virtual team needs to scan the raw material to match the virtual scene.

2. All transitions need to consider an overall worldview. Each scene can be connected in a world so that each shift is reasonable and fresh and constantly brings the audience into a new environment.

3. Another significant issue is to solve the lack of sense of communication in traditional domestic online conferences (most speakers do not face the camera) and realize the communication between the speaker and the audience the whole time.

4. Hainan's real beach scene and virtual scene of the natural and virtual switch and transition design and production match. We built 350 sqm of huge curved XR dedicated LED volume using the DISGUISE XR solution, using two VX4 servers and four RX2 servers. Disguise provided the most advanced configuration in the industry. With 750 square meters of natural ground, the sand and bamboo floors need to replace in less than 12 hours. 

The film crew used the 45-foot SCORPIO telescopic arm and FLY HEAD 6 with SONY VENICE film camera and the COOK 7i film fixed lens. DOP used more than 50 film lights to create a natural feeling. 

The post-production takes two weeks, including editing, music, animation, adjustment, and fixing all content flaws to ensure the best effect. The post-production team had over 30 artists.

Vivo OS Origin Ocean 2021 Online Launch Credit List

Brand: Vivo
Agency: Havas Event Shanghai

E. Producer: Jason Kirby, David Ran
E. Creative Director: Kaism
Producer: Abbie Wong, Kaylee Tee
On-site Producer: Abbie Wong

Creative, Content & Scene Development
Creative Director: DB Gao
Art Directors: Lockyi
Style Frame Support: Min Min, Da Xiang, Wang Sheng, Yang Lim
Lead UE Artist/ Teams: B-ART, 3 Particle, Xiao G
Lead UE Blueprint: HCG

XR Production
Technical Director: David Ran
Director: Dabao Gao
Assistant Director: Hank
Content Manager: Abbie Wong
Unit Production Manager: Da Ming, Liang zi
Technical Manager: Duke Yang
System & Construction: Showplus, Joint Vision
DOP: Wei
Gaffer: Xing Jing Feng
Props Master: Chen Cong

Post Production
Lead Artist: Dabao Gao, Lockyi
Editor: Lumi, Yuan yuan
3D Animation: Wang sheng, Oliver
Compositor: Min Min, Zhen Yu, Zi Qing, Dong Yang, Yie soon
Color Grading & Clean up Teams: Shan Nai, Guang Yao, Fin
Audio Mixing: Shuai shuai

Produced at Super Bonfire Group with partners.

Disclaimer: This credit list is purely teams and crew from the Super Bonfire project management team. Other parties involved in this project are not listed.

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