We got this project from one of the best event agency Kingway after our first project SGM Onstars cooperation. This was one of the most challenging project for us, because of the spherical projection mapping. Based on our understanding & experience dealing with Audi Brand Summit in year 2016, we try to expand the 3D dimensional visual experience in this project.

As we are trying not to have the visual only wrapped on the surface, rather making it see through the sphere we did a series of different mapping and UV research for CG creation and unwrap into a flat UV and still maintain the correct perspective in the final results. With a short 3 weeks of time frame, we develop the looks, miniature projection mapping test, CG scene setup, animation with car choreography, render test with high fps. In the end we manage to get very promising feedback from client and content creation industry in China. Thanks to the great effort of our talented production partners Moving Apes Studio, Lorrypop Studio, Two people studio and Familee Business.

Client - SGM Chevy
Agency - China Kingway
Show Creative / Show Director - Bao Yi
Car Show Director - Sebastian

Creative Director - Kaism
Project Manager - David Ran
Producer - Vera
Art Director - LY, Rong
Animation Director - Kaism
Lead Compositor - Calvin Mok, Bruce Lee, Yeu Jian
Compositor - AQ, DB Gao, Matthew Phan
Lead CG Artist - CK Kong
CG Artist - Wei Liat Teoh, Wubin Yow, Abdu

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