This was a pre launch event held by Toyota China, a event that showcase the origin of IZOA and CHR, technically it is the same car that will market by two car company in China. Hands on the original designer's notes, it was inspired from diamond cuts, that's how the car design language originated.Our goal was to showcase the CHR R-Tuned race car genetic being split into these 2 consumer model.

Dealing with twins (CHR & IZOZ) on stage, we were assigned to plan the whole story telling on stage, together with the real tuned race car we have to demonstrate very balanced visuals and car choreography, which create a lot of restrictions. Stage setup with 3 transparent LED screen (ice screen), we were able to make the overall visuals with more immersive and deeper depths. We teamed up our respectful partners and CG specialist to create a 9k full CG multi layers production for the show. Beside the main sequence which is the car launch we also produced other basic video content for our client.

Client - Toyota China
Agency - Che Li Fang

Creative Direction - Kaism, DB Gao
Project Manager - David Ran
Producer - Vera Zheng
Art Direction - Lock Yi, Kaism
Animation Director - Calvin Mok, Wubin Yow
CG Lead - CK Kong, Wei Liat Teoh, Sufie
CG Artist - Ming, Luqman, Syahman, Fukun
Compositor - DB Gao, Calvin Mok, Fukun, Bruce Lee
3D Model - Voodoo Visuals

Produced @ Super Bonfire with partners (Moving Apes Studio, Lorrypop Studio, Stayano, Voodoo Visuals)


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