The All-New Digital Golf
FAW-VW Golf 8 Launch /  Fans Carnival - 2020

Who don't love the Golf. The icon of hatchback, we are welcoming the arrive of the eight generation of Golf. The successful hatchback that has been around since the energy crisis, it still remain the essence ever since it's first launch.

SBF got a urgent call from the agency, given us 2 weeks to produce all digital content for the launch in China. The event came along with a 1 day fans carnival, with all VW fans and Golf hobbyist gather to celebrate the arriving of the 8th gen of Golf. It was a short time for us but the result was satisfying since we are the team that witness and produce the show for mk6 & mk7. It was a blast we had great time.


*** Event Highlights / Montage *** 

*** General Art Direction & Style Frames ***

Full Credit List

Client - FAW-VW
Agency - BAC

E. Producer - David Ran
Creative Director - Kaism
Producer - Vikki, Radzi
Art Director - An Qi, Kaism
3D Animation - Kaism, Kee Li Ming
Lead Compositor - An Qi, Kee Li Ming, Oliver Te
Asst Compositor - Ziqing, Desmond, Junz

Produced @ Superbonfire Group

End of List

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