Jetta Shanghai Auto Show 2019


Working together with VW on this JETTA auto show was a awesome extension of the work SBF 
started building at the brand launch event we did in Chengdu. Creating content for the shanghai 
auto show with high energy performers on a custom built stage with the signature “Y” SHAPE 
looked great and our fresh 2D graphics really drew a crowd at the Shanghai Auto show. 


Full Credits
Client - FAW -VW
Agency -  Vokdam China

Executive Producer - David Ran,Jason Kirby
Creative Director - Kaism Lim
Project Manager - Sam Chee
Logistic Producer – Crystal Gao
Animation Director - Qiu Rong
Art Director -  Qiu Rong, ,Lockyi Chong
Editor  -  Kelvin Leow
Compositor  - Matthew Phan, Soon , Wan , Hasif , Shahir


*****  Style Frames Design   *****

*****  Stage Mock Up Preview  *****

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