The Treatment - Ultimate Factory
Our story takes place in this HAVAL mega factory.  Let’s take this place like a playground, there are so many parts of the factory we need to show our audience through this action packed, lite humor film. Ordinary people never really been to a factory like this. Let’s explore this place with the spy  and the engineer. Both of them has contrast in their character. Serious engineer working in factory with not martial arts ability and a female spy trying to steal the car, but slightly clumsy and she made mistakes sometimes during her mission. But what is the relationship between both of them?

2 short film, 5 shoot days, 240 shots in total. One of the most challenging project I ever work with, a long list specific features, facilities, locations and plots that MUST BE SHOWN in the film. Do not add any dialogue in the film, making them all connected and yet interesting to watch was my biggest challenge.

Credit List:
Director - Kaism Lim

Male Lead - Mixson
Female Lead - Yara
Creative Director (DMG) - Bruno Cepollina
Creative (DMG) - Sun Da Peng, Zhao Yu Dong, Ba Yan Hu, Daisy
Account Manager (DMG) - Nina Liu
Executive Producer - Jason Kirby
Asst. Executive Producer - Sam Chee
Producer - Max Wei, Brandon Lowe
Production Manager - Jiang
Location Manger - Qi Xing
Line Producer - Trent
Production Coordinator - Lao Zhuo
Asst. Producer - Cherry Yi Ming, Haewol An, Kai Mu
Script Supervisor - Jianxu Jiao
Production Assistant - Liu Xing
Visualizer - Guo Niu
1st AD - Ya Han Zhang
2nd AD - Yong Ming Bi
Director of Photography - Tuomas Hakala
2nd Unit DOP - Jason Michael Lopez
Steadicam Operator - Li You
1st AC - An Yi
Drone Operator - Jason Kirby, Liu Xing
Jib Operator - Li Gen
Gaffer - Yan Wan Jun
Best Boy - Li Chao
Wardrobe Consultant - Charlotte Chong
Make Up / Wardrobe - Mei Shao Bo, Vivian
Stunts Director - Lou Wei
Stunt Performer - Chang Yu Ying
Art Direction / Set Design - Li Chen Long
Props - Ma Shou Du
Casting Director - Wu Chuan Bo
Behind the Scene Videographer - Li Qian Kun, Li Gang
Post Producer (Pixel Box) - Doris Yuen
Online Artist - Eva Ng, Samson Yeung
Colorist - Pete Williams
Editor - Sean Tan
Additional Editing - Kelvin Leow
Additional Sound Recording - Liu Xing
Sound Design / Audio Mixing - Smile Studio Shanghai
VFX Producer (DMG) - Huang Yin Chen
VFX Supervisor - Da Bao Gao
VFX Art Direction - Lock Yi Chong
3D Modeling - Lulu Zhang
3D Animation - Lulu Zhang, Abdu
Compositor - Anqi Yu, Min Min Zhang, Liu Jie
Shot with ARRI Alexa Mini
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