TCL 5G UW Verizon

TCL commissioned Tigheland productions and SBF to create the launch commercial for the flagship phone the TCL 10 5G UW for Verizon. “5G for Everyone” was built working closely with TCL directly. We were able to produce a 90 second tv commercial and outdoor billboard campaign that was placed in times square New York for the most important TCL launch of the year.


----- Screen Shots -----


Full Credit List

Client - TCL USA
Creative & Story Board - Scott
E. Producer - Roy Tighe, Jason Kirby
Producer - Vikki Fang

Animation Director - Kaism
Lead Compositor - Kee Li Ming
3D Animation, Lighting, Texture - Kaism
2D Animator - Zi Qing Yong, Daphne Low
3D Assist - Kee Li Ming
3D Modeling - Shi Kai Lim
Editor - Kaism
Previz - Kee Li Ming, Kaism

Music Producer - Stefan Z
Music Composer - Alex Klinger

Special Thanks to CK Kong for technical consultation

Produced by Super Bonfire


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