VW ID.4 Launch - 2000 Drones Show


2,000 drones lighting up the night skies of Shenzhen, South China’s vibrant metropolis.

The show started with a 147m Volkswagen logo and closed with the iconic Chinese character “我” (Me) together with English letters “ID.”. The wow moment came when flying 3D versions of FAW-Volkswagen’s ID.4 CROZZ and SAIC VOLKSWAGEN’s ID.4 X took to the air, featuring animated transitions. To get really a different experience, we used two custom-built First-Person View drones equipped with BMCC 6K cameras to fly through the formations.

We spent 4 days’ shooting, each day with two 10 minutes flights, with a series of different formations. It was a new experience for us to have more drones than our previous VW NBD show in Guangzhou, giving us alot more room for creativity. We were excited to take drone shows to the next level by Making it a full 3D immersive experience.



Full Credits

Client: Volkswagen Group China
Agency: Auditoire China
Strategy & Communication: Ralf Dennissen

Creative & Concept: Kaism Lim
E. Producer: Jason Kirby
Script: Jason Kirby
Project Manager: David Ran
Producer: Vera Zheng
Storyboard: Kaism Lim
Style Frames Design: An Qi Er, Anna Chin
Music: TaQ
Editor: Lumi

Drone Team: Highgreat TAKE
FPV Operator: Stan
Drone Video Team: PR Photo


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