VW ID.4 Launch - 2000 Drones Show


2,000 drones lighting up the night skies of Shenzhen, South China’s vibrant metropolis.

The show started with a 147m Volkswagen logo and closed with the iconic Chinese character “我” (Me) together with English letters “ID.”. We created wow moment came when flying 3D versions of FAW-Volkswagen’s ID.4 CROZZ and SAIC VOLKSWAGEN’s ID.4 X took to the air, featuring animated transitions. To get really a different experience, we used two custom-built First-Person View drones equipped with BMCC 6K camera.

We spent 4 days’ shooting, each day with two 10 minutes flights, with a series of different formation. It was a new experience for us to have more drones than our previous VW NBD show in Guangzhou, giving us a whole more rooms for creativity. Making it a full 3D immersive drones show.



Full Credits

Client: Volkswagen Group China
Agency: Auditoire China
Strategy & Communication: Ralf Dennissen

Creative & Concept: Kaism Lim
E. Producer: Jason Kirby
Script: Jason Kirby
Project Manager: David Ran
Producer: Vera Zheng
Storyboard: Kaism Lim
Style Frames Design: An Qi Er, Anna Chin
Editor: Lumi

Drone Team: Highgreat TAKE
FPV Operator: Stan
Drone Video Team: PR Photo


--- Live Photos ---

--- Story Board ---

--- Style Frames ---

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