Jetta Brand Launch 2019

Working together with VW on this brand launch was fun. With a totally new approach to branding, 
the “JETTA” brand is targeted at a much younger demographic, and as such we could build some 
pretty “new school” visuals. We did both the brand launch event and content for the shanghai auto show. 

The setup for the launch was a double mesh projection running the length of the venue with 
cars driving in between the mesh. With led stages on both ends of the runway and led screens on 
both sides of the audience we could build images wrapping the entire environment. Whist the CI 
was a challenge to work with limited colors and 2D elements, our team came up with some great animations for JETTA. 


Full Credits

Client – FAW VW
Agency - Blue Strategy Group

Show Director -Sebastian Maier, Ten Direction
Project Management – David Ran
Lead Producer - Vera
Executive Producer – Chen
Shoot Producer – Sam Chee
Logistic Producer - Crystal Gao

Creative Director - Madnas
Animation / VFX Director - Madnas, Lockyi Chong
Art Director - Lockyi Chong
Style Frame Design - Feng Hang, Lockyi Chong,  Azhan Karim, Hazwan Zakariya

Script Development – He jia
CG Leads -Madnas
Compositors - Lockyi Chong, Madnas, Yeujian Lim, Abdul Shakir, Hazwan Zakariya,Madnas, Azhan Karim
3D Animation - Zul, Syqzwan Nazaryddin, Madnas
Video Editor - Qiang

Produced at Super Bonfire Group
Production Partner - Moving Apes

Produced at Super Bonfire Group with partners (Moving Apes)

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