Genesis G70 Launch

Lead agency Auditoire approached SBF to create a launch environment for the world premiere of the limited edition G70 for china. The brief was to develop a lighting-based environment to launch two models of the G70.

Working with an old shipyard building in Shanghai, we created a complete wrap-around lighting installation that featured an end-to-end ceiling LED running the length of the building with a four-sided retractable mesh projection as the centerpiece flanked by two additional rolls down mesh screens.

The entire perimeter of the venue was wrapped with magic panel led light fixtures and beams in a grid formation with vertical led panels in s symmetric layout surrounding the audience.

The content was created and planned with the lighting installation to work as one. With this powerful combination, we made light structures above and around the audience.

We used this to build arches of light for when the cars were revealed that waved towards and away from the audience immersing the entire room with light during the key moments.

By integrating the content in the disguise servers and the lighting control with time code, we could bring the whole show together in an integrated approach.

The genesis brand direction was bold and allowed us to play with powerful vector graphics and dynamic music. Working with one of our favorite composers Alex Klingle we built custom music for each reveals and were able to have some dynamic driving around the center projection box in the center.

The event's highlight was the main reveal, where SBF built a launch film that utilized the entire setup with driving to reveal the G70 behind the roll-up mesh in the sides. Playing with all four sides of the mesh projection, we created a reveal that played with the light from the projectors bleeding onto the cars from all sides, giving another dimension to the launch.

We were happy with the result and had a good time delivering another benchmark reveal for our partners at Auditoire and Genesis.

- Behind The Scenes -

- Art Direction & Style Frames -

Genesis G70 2021 Launch Credit List

Brand : Genesis
Agency : Auditoire

E. Producer : Jason Kirby
E. Creative Director : Kaism
Project Manager : Kaylee
Producer : Radzi
On-site Producer : Vera Zheng

Show Concept: Jason Kirby, Kaism
Stage & Space Design - Kaism
VFX Lead: Madnas
Art Directors: Lang M, Daxiang, Syazwan Nazaruddin
Music Composer: Alex Klingle
Music Producer: Stefan Z

Warmup Video
Lead compositor: Oliver

G70 Show
Lead compositor: Madnas
Light show : Zi Qing

G70 SE Show
Lead compositor: Syazwan Nazaruddin
Light show: Zi Qing
Compositor: Victoria
CG Artist : Sufie, Eshwar

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