"The Mirror"
Beyond the Horizon

Mirror is a surface that reflects, or anything that gives a true image of a person or thing. It could reflect the world as we see from our POV, all that matter is angle, endless possibilities and space. Mirror could give a sense of unseen space, extended space.

Based on our research of Audi Q8 tonality and event concept, we are adapting the idea of mirror and space into our launch film. It could give us a sense on multiple montage of our Audi Q8, exploring the every details of design, lines, and forms. Hence, carefully finding the angle and combination of multiple pieces of mirror could create a strong extension of space and dimension at the same time.

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The Multi Dimension Space
"Reflect the World Beyond"

Our film essentially establish the sense of reflections, dimension and extended space.
We are introducing 2 worlds that intertwining together. One in our world and secondly the other world in the mirror. Constantly reflect the car within and beyond through mirror. Whilst, with various camera motion we could bring our audience experience a multi dimensional space and world, exposing the subject (key features) with a unique experience.

At this very moment when Audi Q8 starts raging out and run freely in a vast desert, another Audi Q8 in the mirror raging out and both cars come together ripping ferocious.​​​​​​​ FAST FORWARD. It comes to dusk, both cars heading their destination, which is our event venue. Both appear on stage. END



Full Credit

Client -FAW – VW Audi
Agency – Gigo, FF Extraordinary

E. Producer – David Ran
UPM – Da Ming
Producer – Liang Zhi, Sam Chee
Location Manager - Daming

Director – Kaism Lim
1st AD – Sam Chee
DOP – An Hui
Art Director – Kaism
Props – Xiao Wu
Camera Asst – Kai Zhi
Drone Team – Yong Shi Beijing
Stunt Driver Team – UTOO Beijing
Russian Arm Team – Huo Yan Shan Beijing

Film Editor – Kaism Lim
Post Producer - Elaine
Colorist - Bernie
Asst. Colorist - Xiao Jing, Wu Yu Xuan
Online Artist - Xiao Yi, Xu Lei
Asst Film Editor – Kelvin Leow
Music Producer – Stefan Z
Music Composer -


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