VW GZ Autoshow

Super Bonfire and Auditoya China join forces for Volkswagen at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, representing an innovative effort to transform existing materials through a variety of displays. These displays include a conspicuous main screen at the center, complete with two screens surrounding the pillar, paired with thin sheets of integrated light animation, vivid sky LEDs, and strip lights. 

Notably, the screens on the pillar cleverly incorporate a naked eye 3D effect to enhance the visual immersion of booth participants. In addition, an exclusive area was set aside to showcase the E-Bettle demo car and the ID.BUZZ car, with dedicated screens playing looped visuals especially for these models.

The content displayed on these screens was carefully divided into chapters, effectively highlighting communication points. These chapters focused on key elements, specifically showcasing the two main models, ID.7 Vizzion and ID.Next, drawing attention to their features and characteristics. The Chinese premiere of the Miracle Little Ladybug movie was also highlighted, adding a unique touch to the showcase.

 In addition, key brand activities were integrated to emphasize Volkswagen's innovation progress and brand narrative under the "ID.Core Essentials Communication" and the "Volkswagen SUV Brand Flagship Activity," with each chapter seamlessly communicating Volkswagen's innovation achievements and brand narrative to engage the audience. Each chapter seamlessly communicates Volkswagen's innovative achievements and brand narrative to engage the audience.

Brand– Volkswagen Group China 
Agency – Auditoire

E. Producer: Jason Kirby
E- Creative Director: Kaism
Producer: Radzi, Gao Chang

Art Director: Syazwan Nazaruddin
Lead CG Artist & Stage Setup: Fukun
Compositor: Fukun, Amin
Lead Editor: Lumi
Editor: Xiaohe

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