Audi A4L Virtual Launch 2020

As the corona virus pandemic hit globally, SBF was engaged directly by Audi to assist them with the virtual launch of the all-new Audi A4L in March 2020. We collaborated with SZ TV for the studio shooting and AR technical setup. It was a very challenging process for our project managers & producers, managing multiple teams at the same time. 



From Concept and Creative to Production and Technical Consultation, we needed to maintain a professional level of quality whilst restricted by a lockdown and curfew situation, given 6 weeks in total, everything was done virtually in a full cloud based work flow. It was a pretty tough challenge for our team as everyone was working from home but we adapted to the situation and were able to deliver for Audi under these unprecedented conditions.

“Welcome to the FIRST EVER Audi A4L online launch experience”

The exclusive all access pass to the Audi Online universe. Here, in a high impact “Super Bowl” style broadcast we will be revealing insider information on the next big product lunch for FAW AUDI A4L . Be the the first to know about the all new A4L. Get all the highlights of the action straight to you online.

From here in the Audi live studio, our two hosts will cover the highlights of the process of building the next A4L. Covering the major product news in a exiting pre-show discussion in our virtual stage.

We take a deep dive into the technology of Audi is known for and what it means for the next generation.

Seamless flow between pre-produced show segments and our “Audi Live” hosts will keep our audience engaged all the way for the moment they have all been waiting for !  The first online Audi Car Launch ever! Followed by the official price launch at the end of the broadcast. The hosts do a post launch wrap up interaction and tell the audience to tune in tonight for the big show on Shenzhen TV.


----- Script - Show Opener -----

The strength of the Audi A4L comes from continuous technical updates and revolutionary design.
Always be the stronger one with constantly innovations.

科技不是冰冷的 科技是拥有温度的
Technology can be warm

So we hope that every owner has a core strength that is as strong as it is.
Arm yourself with technology.

无惧风雨 迎接黎明
Stronger you together with stronger all new Audi A4L
Embrace the stronger world


---- Show Transition Films ----

----- Script - 李易峰 -----

I have my own speed
When I run against the wind
Comfort zones
None of these matter
No one can choose the path for me

Take control of your life
Be a stronger self

----- Script - Dr.魏 -----

How do we enhance intelligence?
The answer is here

自我更迭 自由切换不同形态
Having self-renewal capacities to adapt to different situations
随心而动 聆听无尽想象
Having the freedom to realize all imagination
全面觉醒 以智能掌握人生
Optimize your life with intelligent technologies

Break the limitations
Be your stronger self

----- Script - 张伟丽 -----

I can do it
I cannot do it
It is not up to you

I am not afraid of challenges
I am unstoppable
内心强大 才是真正的王者
Being a champion with inner strength

Unleash the power of beauty
Be your stronger self

----- Script - 罗振宇 -----

A new generation
For you
For me

Life changes fast
Don’t lose yourself

Build self-worth
Focus on your tasks
Use your time correctly

Set your life goals
Be your stronger self

----- Making Of ----

----- Art Direction -----

----- Stage Concept -----


- another collaboration - 
Shenzhen Media Group - Shenzhen TV “The Super Launching” show

Full Credits

Client – FAW-VW Audi China

Creative Director - Kaism Lim, DB Gao
E. Producer – David Ran
Project Management – David Ran / Jason Kirby
Lead Producer – Vera Zheng
Asst. Producer – Daniel Chia

Animation / VFX Director - Kaism Lim, DB Gao
Art Director - Kaism Lim, Feng Hang, Iris Chen
Style Frame Design – Azhan Karim, Syazwan Nazaruddin, Feng Hang, Iris Chen, Wu Yuanhao, Ming

Script Development – Vera Zheng
VR Stage Designer – Sun Cheng Peng, DB Gao

Team Lead – Azham Karim, Syazwan Nazaruddin, DB Gao, Zhang Min Min, Wu Yuanhao
CG Leads - CK Kong, Azhan Karim, Syazwan Nazaruddin, Ming, Tao Zi, Kaism Lim
Lead Compositors - Syazwan Nazaruddin, Azhan Karim, DB Gao, Zhang Min Min, Kaism Lim
Compositors – Hazwan Zakariya, Anna Ching, Mansell Chan, Abdul Shakir, Wu Yuanhao, Madnas
Asst. Compositor Support – Faiz, Zi Qing, Oliver Te, Ilham, Feng Hang, Zhang Lu Lu, Ben
3D Animation - Chan Yong Hong, CK Kong, Faiz, Zi Qing, Oliver Te, Ilham, Jia Zi Feng, Zhang Lu Lu, Sun Cheng Peng, Ben, Madnas

Shenzhen TV

Music Composer - Alex Klingle
Sound Editor - DB Gao, Kaism Lim, Alex Klingle, Stefan Z
Produced at Super Bonfire Group
Production Partner - Moving Apes, Tenline

Produced at Super Bonfire Group with partners (Moving Apes, Tenline, Zappy)


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