FAW - VW brand new Bora with MQB production platform is a totally new design for the car itself. Completely redesign every parts of the car, the car going through a process of REBORN. That's the concept of the whole show.

It's been a while we did not engage Volkswagen project. This was a totally new experience with new agency and new client. We were approached by agency 4 weeks before the actual show date with a long list of content and technical problems. With received information of confirmed a multiple cubes stage design and car mapping with robot arms, we are facing one of the most intense 4 weeks this year. Thanks to our partners for a full on effort making sure we deliver all content on time.

Client - FAW VW
Agency - ACC

Executive Producer - David Ran
Project Manager - Vera Zheng
Creative Direction - Kaism
Art Direction - Calvin Mok, An Qi, Yeu Jian, Feng Hang
Lead Compositor - Calvin Mok, Yeujian, An Qi, Nasfi
Compositors - Matthew Phan, Fukun, Lulu Zhang, Min Min
CG Lead - CK Kong
CG Artist - Wubin, Sufie, Abdu, Syahman, Azhan, Tenline
Editor - Lumi
Shoot Director - David Ran
Producer - Xiao Lei Zhang
DP - Bokang

Produced at Super Bonfire with partners (Moving Apes Studio, Lorrypop Studio, Stayano, Tenline)


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