Show Director Bao Yi from Kingway came up with a cliff projection mapping for BMW X3 national launch. It is located in Wulong District in Chong Qing China. The actual location of a few famous Chinese movies and movie Transformer. We went for location scout and projection test 8 weeks before the actual event. It was a totally new experience for us to design and plan for a visual content production. There is almost none specification of the surface where we need to project our visuals, dealing with uncertain bumps of surface, surface colors etc. At the same to work perfectly with the actual BMW X3 being lifted and moving upwards.

Facing all distorted images and uncontrollable mapping situation we walk 2km into the venue every night to test our visuals, almost every scene we create seems not working with the shapes and visual contrast. With tested of different scene and 1 week of test, we were forced to recreate new scenes in order to have a clearer visual for audience. We end of produced 18 scene and 8 main scenes made it to the end visual.

At the launch moment of the actual show, it rains heavily creating a lot more intense feeling of BMW X3 taking challenges going through the different terrains. Below provided the documentary from Kingway to showcase the whole process of the project.


Client - BMW China
Concept / Executive Show Director - Bao Yi
Event Planning / Execution - Kingway

Creative Director - Kaism
Lead / Sequence Planning - DB Gao
Art Director / Storyboard - Lock Yi,
Asst. Art Director - Wednesday Rong
CG Artist - Wei Liat Teoh, Ming, Kuang Yao, SKY Ng
Lead Compositor - DB Gao, Lock Yi, Wednesday Rong
Asst. Compositor - Fu Kun, Feng Hang

Produced at Super Bonfire with partners (Lorrypop Studio, Two People Studio)


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