Innovation & Intelligence

The key concept of the event is Merge. Merging knowledge and ideas from different fields, creating new technologies. With client's brief in mind, our team is responsible to tell the story through abstract visuals. 

Firstly, we gave the opening a rough base story which sounds like : "One, is limited. More of us leads to no limits. When merged, we create perfection. Ultimately leads to infinite possibilities."

With these base story line, we then split the visuals into three stages to further enhance the concept. 
Stage 01, video starts with simple colors, lines and shapes. When the shapes and lines connect, then it comes visual stage 2. 
Next, we start to introduce gradients and more depth to the visuals. 
Ending with the visuals starts to look the fullest and most vibrant.


***** Style Frames Design *****


Oppo OCD19 Credit list

Agency - Youngs (Beijing)

Project Manager - David Ran
Producer - Sam Chee
Creative Director - Qiu Rong
Art Director - Matthew

Styleframe - Qiu Rong & Matthew
Animation - Qiu Rong ,matthew , Soon & Elaine
Music& SFX - The Pigeon Sound


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