2022 World Premiere of the NEW all-electric ID. AERO
concept car by Volkswagen

Volkswagen Group unveiled its ID. AERO concept in China on JUNE 27, 2022 — slated to serve as the inspiration behind the automaker's flagship EV, and first-ever global all-electric sedan in 2023.

We work together with lead agency VOK DAMS CHINA, ACHT GERMANY, and SURREAL Group, it took one month of production time to produce this wonderful show. The world premiere of the ID.AERO was shoot in China, and Dr. Wöllenstein, CEO of the Volkswagen Passenger Car Brand China, introduced it in Chinese, which shows the importance Volkswagen attaches to the Chinese market.

Starting with diamond-sparkling dark blue scenes, showcasing the VW IQ. Technologies tag, and transitioning to the Reveal Movie, the video highlighted flawless details of the ID.AERO while featuring Bonnie Chen and JozefKabaň. We express our gratitude to VW for choosing us and eagerly anticipate working on more XR projects in the near future.

The limited time available for on-site shooting posed a significant challenge, especially with CEO Dr. Wöllenstein needing to deliver a speech in a non-native Chinese language during the crucial SBF shooting session. It required the on-site director, Director of Photography (DOP), teleprompting team, and other departments to remain highly focused. Cooperation and a precise understanding of the content were essential to ensure quality.

Fortunately, SBF successfully met the expectations and gained recognition from the VW client.

The application of XR technology played a vital role in creating an immersive experience. The stage featured a perfect combination of a 174㎡ sky screen and a 240-degree standing screen, placing ID.AERO in a completely virtual environment. Despite the limited physical space and minimal real props, the shooting team managed to create an infinite number of scenes, captivating the audience.

The utilization of XR technology significantly minimized the impact of external shooting conditions, allowing the team to focus solely on the shooting process and maintain a comfortable pace.


Brand: Volkswagen Group
Agency: VOK DAMS

E. Producer: Jason Kirby; David Ran
Director: Simon Mayer
Creative, Content & UE Scene: ACHT GERMANY
On-Site Director: David Ran
Live Action Director: DB Gao
AD: Patty Tsai
Producer: AnAn, Yanlu Guo, Molly Liu
DOP: Wei

Post-Production: SBF Beijing, Shan Nai,
Edit: LUMI
Audio Mixing: Shuai Shuai
XR Technology Team: 先壤影视 SURREAL
XR Technical Director: Li Qiang

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