Building content for the hottest internet company in China

As the most popular internet company in the China, Bytedance is giving back to the community
by rewarding content in the agricultural fields. The Golden Grain Award is trying to award people who
make good agricultural content on the Bytedance platforms, by promoting good content to more
farmers, Byte dance is finding alternative solutions to help the agricultural problems in China.

Our brief was to build a video to explain the idea of the whole event in an abstract way. Our team
created some great content and helped the client show a totally different vibe for a agriculture event.


Full Credit List
E. Producer - David Ran
Producer - Charlotte Chong

Creative / Animation Director - DB Gao
Art Director / Storyboard -  Feng Hang, Lock Yi
Asst. Art Director - Iris
CG Lead - Sun Chen Peng, Lulu Zhang
CG Artist - Jia Zhi Feng, Fukun
Compositor - DB Gao, Min Min Zhang


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