Over the past 1 year, Genesis Motors has embarked on an audacious journey in China. To add a whole new dimension to the customer experience, SBF teamed up with HAVAS EVENTS, SHANGHAI to produce an epic viral film for Genesis.

SBF led the creative content of the whole film, from script creative planning to art direction, and animation. We also were the production lead for shooting all the content for the film. We aimed to channel the Genesis cars in an athletic elegance art direction while the brand emphasized the symbolic "dualism" of the two-line aesthetic.

To connect with Generation Genesis in a more immersive and thrilling way

The first part of the shoot was produced in a 20 x 7.5m LED studio setup, the brief was to create a sense of mystery and tension as the audience watched the film at first glance.

The second part of the film focused on Shanghai Lujiazui – Dishui Terminal – We shoot on a large barge with a displacement of 3000 tons. Starting with the dualism design aesthetics, we interpreted this element in the 1200 square meter LED and interactive interpretation with the cars.

The audience then realized that these cars are on a massive barge on the water, driving towards the back of the ship. As the cars move down to the deck, both the LED screen animation and the lighting rig follow the car to create a sense of speed.

Ground LED Interaction
This is where we  incorporated the dualism concept into the animation. The two lines were integrated into the sequence supporting the dualism concept with lighting time coded to the content. The climax of the show was when the two animation lines moved to the center of the LED screen on the barge and created an immersive impact to represent Genesis spreading across the nation.
We end the film with the 360-drone shot of the LED Genesis logo and the brand statement as the drone rotates 360 around a barge in motion.

Early Stage Test - Conceptual

Previz & Car Choreography Plan

Interactive Visual Style Frames

Full Credits
Client – Genesis Motor China
Agency – Havas Event Shanghai
E. Producer – Jason Kirby
Technical Director – David Ran
Project Manager – Charlotte Chong

Lead Producer – Charlotte Chong
Assistant Producer – Molly Liu
Onsite Producer – Mancy Liu

Shooting Team
Live Action Director – DB Gao, Kaism Lim
Line Producer – Da Ming, Liang Zi
Barge D.O.P - Wei
Studio D.O.P - An Hui
FPV - Eric

Creative/Content Development
Creative Director - Kaism Lim
Animation / VFX Director – Kaism Lim
Art Director – Busra Bat
Style Frame Design – Busra Bat
Style Frame Support – Zi Qing
STB: Zhao Xiang Li, Syazwan Nazzaruddin
Previz: Syazwan Nazzaruddin, Kee, Danish, Firdaus, Alvin Gan

Video Editor – Lumi
Assistant Editor – He Xu Dong

Team Lead – Madnas, Syazwan Nazzaruddin
Lead Compositors – Madnas
Compositors – Yie Soon
3D Motion Artist – Madnas , Ziqing, Xiao Wen, Wei Xing, Alvin Gan, Firdaus
Team Support - Azhan Karim

Post and Online – M3 Post House, San Nai
Color Grading – Zhang Ying Jie

Produced at Super Bonfire Group & partners.

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