Another very interesting project initiated by Kingway for Weltmeister (Weima). This is our second time working with EV client. With the concept of "Weima 360", meaning the reveal of the whole branding strategy for the brand itself. Revealed the first model that hit China market we were pleased with the new experience of working with this very unique stage design and working around it with our specialty design a total immersive experience for the audience.


Client - Weltmeister
Event Agency - Kingway
Concept / Show Director - Bao
Staging Design - Kingway

Core Team - All launch content
Creative Director - Kaism
Project Manager - David Ran
Producer - Vera Zheng
Compositor - Azhan Karim, Wan Affendy, Matthew Phan, Fukun

Opening Big Rotation - The Arrival of Weima
Lead Compositor - Bruce Lee
Compositor - Wan Affendy, Matthew Phan, Azhan Karim

Produced at Super Bonfire Group with partners (Moving Apes, Two People Studio, Stayano)


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