2041 HiPhi Z, Digital GT Online Virtual Launch

The Most "Science Fiction" Automotive Virtual Launch
At the end of September 2021, Vista Creation contacted SBF to create the online virtual launch of HiPhi Z, Digital GT, the China premium brand created by Human Horizon. SBF is responsible for all The XR shooting links as well as the post-creative planning and execution. In addition, we also help Raduga Design team shoot XR scenes related to Hiphi Show.

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Working along lead agency, SBF was responsible for entire Creative Planning, Design, Launch XR production & post-production. Certain content & film were showcased were done by partnering studios & artist including 
The Scope, RadugaDesign, Keshwak.

Taking the world 20 years later as the scene of this virtual launch, the immersive frame of the movie brings the audience into the space between the unreal and the physical world. HiPhi Z portrait as a warm sense of youth and vitality. The leading actor Ding Lei lives in the space with his thoughts. We managed to portray an "atypical" design dialogue film with XR augmented reality extensions.

In addition, we also cooperated with the shooting of videos for GM Ding's speech and several transition scenes. We also needed to connect the content produced by other different teams, in the end we wrapped them into an online conference which lasting for 20 minutes, so that the audience felt that the length and content were just right.

After countless ZOOM meetings, 12-day XR shooting period, and ultra-short production cycle of less than 6 weeks, the final project won the praise of the industry and customer recognition, and became the representative of the online release of 2021.

Early Style Frames & Scene Concepts

Early Style Frames & Scene Concepts

Event Marketing Awards Asia 2022
link: https://www.eventmarketingawards.asia/winners/2022/


Brand: HIPHI
Agency: Vista Creation

E. Producer: David Ran
Live-action Director: David Ran, Kaism Lim (remote), Xiao Lei Zhang
Lead Producer: Charlotte Chong

Creative Development, Art Direction & Post-production
Creative Director: Kaism Lim
Art Director: An Qi

Lead UE Artist/Teams: B-ART
UE Scene Setup for XR: B-ART, Nini
Lead UE Blueprint: HCG
UE Scene Technical Support: Carl Loo
UE Animation: HCG, Benny Chong

XR Tech Team: Showplus
Style Frame Design: An Qi, Kaism Lim, Zhen Yu Guo, Dong Yang Lv
Style Frame Support: Azhan Karim

Lead CG Artist: Zhen Yu Guo
Edit Director: Bo Ming Zhang
3D Animation: Zhen Yu Guo, Dong Yang Lv
Compositor: Zhen Yu Guo
Color Grading : Ying Jie Zhang
Online Teams: M3 Post
Audio Mixing: Wu Shuai
VO Talent:  Bobby Lax , Harleem C (England)

Produced at Super Bonfire Group
Production Partner - 3 Particles

Produced at Super Bonfire Group with partners 3 Particles, Showplus, Keshwak

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