12000 PIXELS, 50 FPS, 20 MEN, 80 MACHINE, 2 RENDER FARM, 26 VIDEOS, 46 PROJECTORS, 16 DAYS REHEARSAL, 3 DIRECTORS (Kaism, Andrea Verleger, Sebastian), 30 DAYS SHOW, 1 BRAND SUMMIT.


Its one think to talk about the future and what it might be? But to create the future today is quite another. Leading the charge in innovation has allowed Audi to constantly bring the future forward through out time.
Be it the first all wheel drive systems in sedans “quattro” or winning lemans 24h with TDI diesel technology, Audi is always ahead of the curve. Don’t wait to hear about what might be the future. Let Audi bring you to the future.

We got the chance to work on Audi Brand Summit 2016, Shanghai China. The whole show concept evolves around "TOMORROW NOW". Audi always focus on future technology, with this annual brand summit we also given a task to launch the new A4L integrated into the show. It is a show we need to manipulate Audi brand concept, core thinking and global future brand positioning especially in China.

We broke the show into 4 different Audi technology facility. The main campus, the future innovation lab, lighting lab, and A4L lab which future technology of Audi represented by this vehicle. The story need to be clear from PAST, FUTURE and back to present day. Which the history of Audi to the future innovation of Audi technology and finale with the launch of new A4L China.

We produce 12k resolution of rendering with 50fps of live projection material. It was a huge challenge for the team to make sure every single details are fine enough as the stage screen spread approximately 80 meters wide, floor projection with depth of approximately 18 meters. We have to recreate most of the graphics and 3D elements to fulfill the benchmark of picture quality and making sure we have smooth moving pictures across this huge screen. We ended up with 80 work stations on set to assist us during rendering and output with the team of 20 of us. Made approximately 30 minutes of huge resolutions high fps content.

We ended up produce 26 videos in total for show and additional 6 mingle area demo videos. All live action were shot in studio with cast and custom build props and set design. We were satisfied with the outcome of this production.

Audi Brand Summit China 2016

Client - FAW-VW Audi China
Agency - DMG


Project Manager - Justin Wu, Abby
Strategy - Dong Xu, Yuan Yuan
E. Producer - Jason kirby, Xudong Ran
Stage Design - Li Lei
Show Director - Andree Verleger
Asst. Performance Director - Alex Burgos
Car Performance Director - Sebastian

Creative Direction - Kaism
Copy writing - He Jia
Shoot Director - Kaism
Asst shoot Director - Liu Xing

Post Producer - Yinchen, Vera, Sam Chee
Art Direction - Lockyi, Anqi
Lead Compositor - Kaism, DB Gao, Calvin, Boon, Lock Yi, Anqi, Bruce Lee
Compositor - Yeu Jian, Wednesday Rong, MinMin, Guojing, Hexu
Lead 3D - Lulu Zhang, CK Kong, Wubin Yow, Wei Liat
Audio Direction - Kaism, Andree Verleger
Audio Mixing - Kaism

Produced at DMG

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