Porsche GT Unreal Engine Short Film

Each year, our team will take a more extended break to learn new skills. Ever since the emerging or XR production, our team started to experience the limitless possibility of unreal engine. Mid last year, our team took on an in-house project initiated by our director to explore the different aspects of production and pipeline with unreal engine, integrating with cinema4d where we are familiar with to create a tiny short film.

We explored many possibilities and technical challenges combining different CG production platforms. As a result, it was not something we could adapt quickly. It was a good learning experience for our team to get to know more understanding and solve issues to get our team ready for more challenges in the future.

- R&D Process -


Credit List

E. Creative Director - Kaism
Producer - Radzi
Creative Director – Madnas
Art Director – Syazwan
Animation Director - Azhan
Lead Animator - Kee Li Ming
Lead UE Artists – Bart, Madnas, Azhan, Kee Li Ming
CG Artists – Zhenyu, Oliver, Zi Qing, Dong Yang
Storyboard & Animation Support - Victoria

Audio - Syazwan, Kaism

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