Nissan Sylphy Launch - 2019

SBF did a quick job with Evision for Nissan Sylphy Launch 2019 in Zhuhai Changlong theme park. Client wanted a warm and unconventional opening sequence, using no VO and only pure animation to portray a short story of a family with the car itself. With 2 weeks of production time including pre-production planning. 

With such a short timeline given, SBF animation director teamed up with Moving Apes Studio, Tenline work out this paper folding animated film along with a few other show media content. 



Full Credits

Client –  Nissan
Agency - Evision

Creative Director - Kaism Lim
Project Management – David Ran
Lead Producer - Vera

Art Director - Feng Hang, Iris
Animation / VFX Director - DB Gao
Style Frame Design - Feng Hang, Iris

CG Leads - Ming, Tao Zi
Compositors -  DB Gao, Xiao He, Matthew Phan, Fu Kun, Tenline
3D Animation - Ming, CK Kong, Sufie , Dai, Tenline

Produced at Super Bonfire Group
Production Partner - Moving Apes, Tenline

Produced at Super Bonfire Group with partners (Moving Apes, Tenline)


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