Vivo X100 Series Launch Event

Project Overview
On November 13th, the vivo X series once again graced the Beijing Water Cube, marking not only another milestone for the vivo brand after 11 years, also a focal point of attention for the entire mobile phone industry.
SBF is honored to collaborate with Meanwell in this celebration, joining hands with vivo to present the vivo X100 series new product launch together.​​​​​​​

For us, delivering high-quality work is absolutely crucial, and achieving the desired on-site effects is equally important. The launch event incorporated LED-wrapped screens, with five screens spanning from the sky to the ground, creating a visually immersive experience. The extensive LED stage posed high demands on hardware technology. In the pre-event phase, we proposed the idea of outputting 50 frames of NotchLC footage to the AV team. In the final execution, we used six Disguise VX4 units as the main and backup machines. For the experienced AV company involved, it was a top-notch experience.

In this event, we also employed AR technology to complement the visual effects on the five screens. You will witness various special effects emerging from the ceiling and extending forward, ultimately covering the audience seating at the Water Cube. All these visual spectacles will be presented one by one during the live broadcast.

X100 Reveal

The creative concept for the X100 product launch segment was based on the idea of traversing the most beautiful central axis. It involved numerous iconic Beijing landmarks. However, due to Beijing's policy prohibiting drone filming, and to ensure a high degree of consistency between the actual presentation at the launch event and the creative planning, we decided to exclusively use CG modeling and rendering.

The production team personally carried 8K cameras and made repeated visits to the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, National Stadium, and Water Cube. They captured real architectural textures and conducted on-site simulations of various perspectives. Ultimately, through CG rendering technology, the entire scene was constructed, and animations were produced, achieving a seamless integration of the creative concept.

MTK 9300 Chip

During the unveiling of the MTK9300 chipset, we pondered on how to present a completely new creative form. Traditional tech performance segments in launch events often showcase futuristic visuals with dazzling particles and pixel blocks to convey a sense of technology. However, we aimed to infuse technology with warmth and a human touch. One of the most effective ways to achieve this was to involve real human hands interacting with the chipset.

The idea was to have individuals use their hands to conduct an orchestra of special effects animations, controlling various components of the chipset as if tuning and nurturing it with energy. This interactive approach aimed to showcase the chip's capabilities and robust construction in a more human and engaging manner.


After a journey of three months, SBF has been leading the creative process of the entire launch event from its initial stages. We engaged in numerous discussions during the early phases, producing over ten versions of the stage design alone and creating a staggering 115 Style Frames.

The vivo X100 series launch event, in collaboration with vivo and Meanwell, delivered a fully immersive sensory experience for the audience. From the external venue design to the exhibition area experience, and the seamless integration of stage design and keynote presentations, the teams, through creativity, professionalism, and robust execution capabilities and resources, created an event that truly allowed the audience to feel the
 sense of technology, product highlights, and the warmth of the brand.


Brand: vivo
Agency: Meanwell Beijing

E. Creative Director:Kaism Lim
E. Producer:David Ran
E. Show Director:David Ran & Jason Kirby
Lead Technical Director:  David Ran
Team Manager: Shukri Yunos
Project Management & Lead Producer: Mancy Liu
Production Producer: Charlotte Chong
Show Manager: Kaylee Tee
Logistic Producer : Crystal Gao

Show Pre-Pro & Planning
Creative & Stage Design – Kaism Lim
Art Director: Da Xiang
Asst. Art Director: Busra Bat
Animation / VFX Director: Min Min, Madnas, Azhan, Kee
Style Frame Design: Da Xiang, Busra, Min Min, Kee, Madnas, Azhan, DB Gao
3D Design Support: Rafif, Firdaus, Danish

Content Production
Project Lead: Madnas, Azhan, Kee, MinMin
Main Compositors – MinMin, Yie Soon, DB Gao, Zhen Yu, Dong Yang, A Dai, Tao Zi, Kee, Madnas, Azhan, Ming, Li Gen, Zhou Zhi
Compositors: Amin, Xiao Wen, Zhong Hai
3D Animation – Madnas, Azhan, Ming, Li Gen, Zhou Zhi
Zi Qing, Rafif, GML, A Dai, Zhen Yu, Tao Zi, Dong Yang, Kee, Firdaus, Danish,

UE Lead: B-art
UE Production: B-art, Xiao Wen
Editor:He Xudong
Resolume Engineer : HCG

Music Composer: Alex Klinger
Lighting Designer: Xiao Ru, Yan Lei
BTS Editor – Lumi
BTS Photographer – Yang Zhao

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