Weltmeister Brand Launch 2017

Weltmeister initial brand launch in Shanghai China, 11th December 2017. Directed by Kingway China. We were glad to involve in this project, handling creative/art/animation direction and production with our partners. The understanding and concept of it comes from various IT brands, to rethink about new energy, with a different approach to present ideas and content.

We produced total 16 videos for the whole show, 50fps with 4 sets of different screen size and setup.

We also produce 3 short animated film use during the brand launch event, a few jokes regarding new energy vehicles. Actual show has 3 MC making jokes and our animated film was playing in the background, presented as comic books layout. We edit to a complete film.

- - - - - - -

Animation Director / Creative Direction / Compositing / Audio - Kaism
Project Management - David Ran

Producers - Vera Zheng, Gao Ying

Core Team
Style Frames Design - Nasfi, Azhan, Shahman, Yeujian, Jerry
Video Editing - Lumi
Additional Editing - Vera
Lead Compositor - YeuJian, Nasfi
Lead Graphics Animation - Shayman
Compositing - Azhan, Shayman, Jerry, Fukun

Animated Shorts
Script - Amber Li
3D Animation / Character Animation / Storyboard - Wubin Yow
3D Animation / Shaders / Rendering - CK Kong
3D Animation - Sufie
Additional 2D FX - Fukun

Produced at Super Bonfire Group with partners (Moving Apes & Stayano)

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