All New ZEEKR 001 2024
Launch Film

At the beginning of 2024, Super Bonfire produced a video unveiling the new exterior and interior design of Zeekr 001. The client's full trust allowed Super Bonfire to have relatively free creative space to produce a completely different visual advertising project.

The primary challenge faced during the initial creative phase was the dramatic transition between scenes. The three scenes, featuring redwood forests, Nordic ice lakes with auroras, and minimalist villas, each had distinct tones. To address this, we utilized the features of the scenes and the product car to establish a more expressive visual language. Interactions between butterflies and LiDAR, microscopic water droplets connecting red soil vegetation to Arctic auroras, and the reflection of mountain scenes in the car's panoramic roof enhanced the overall visual appeal of the video.

During the execution phase on set, digital assets complemented artistic set designs, creating a visually ambiguous space. With the high flexibility of assets and on-site Disguise servers, we were able to achieve real-time scene changes and interactions in a short time, significantly reducing shooting time and post-production composite work.​​​​​​​

The crowning touch of this video was the long shot at the end. For the interior features of the car, we boldly adopted a one-shot approach to achieve a first-person view inside the car. With the coordination of a MOCO mechanical arm and digital assets, we were able to seamlessly switch between front and rear shots in a short time and composite them into a single long shot in post-production. This not only showcased the car's features but also enhanced the visual fluidity of the video.


Super Bonfire successfully completed the production task of the Zeekr 001 new exterior and interior design unveiling video and received unanimous praise from the client. The video not only landed on major online promotion channels but also served as the first showcase at Zeekr new product launch event on February 27, 2024, garnering more attention and recognition for the Zeekr brand.

Full Credits

Brand – Zeekr
Agency - Ji Zhou Shang Hai
E.Producer - David Ran
E. Creative Director - Kaism Lim

Film Production
Director: DB Gao
Producer: Chang Gao, Elinor
Art Consultation: Kaism Lim
UE: Xiaohao, Zhonghai, B-Art
CG Lead: DB Gao
Compositor: Madnas, Azhan, Danish, Dongyang, Eden, Firdaus, Kee, Rafif, Ziqing, Minmin
Lead Editor: Lumi

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