" Robotics for All! "

Introducing the Newest State-Of-the-Art Robots
On October 26, 2022, ECOVACS held a bilingual online launch of its new fall 2022 strategy to a global audience. SBF, together with HAVAS EVENTS SHANGHAI and partner SHOWPLUS, once again by using XR technology to perfectly create an immersive new product launch, showing a new ECOVACS to the world.

--Full Pack Production--
The 35-minute launch event included an opening video combining live action and CGI videos created by SBF, five scenes of the presentation that matched the brand's tone, seven cleverly conceived transitions, XR shooting, and the post-production process.

We create five virtual scenes through Unreal Engine 5.0 to meet the client's expectations, using the leading XR technology to provide the audience with a scene shuttle-like immersive experience - ECOVACS Robotics CEO  - Qian Cheng standing in the "ECOVACS Pavilion" introducing a new ECOVACS; also the intelligent lawn mowing robot GOAT G1 in the European backyard; the truly intelligent lawn mowing experience on the soccer field;  the new commercial cleaning solutions DEEBOT PRO K1 and M1 in Suzhou Museum; introduce the future of robots in the Future Lab and bring more new experiences.

- Four Areas of Cross-Domain Shooting -
SBF CHINA and SBF GERMANY moved to XR Space News studio, Fuxing SOHO in Shanghai, Suzhou Museum, and Munich in Germany for multiple shoots, 8700km apart, 7 hours’ time difference and uncontrollable weather conditions did not affect the passion of SBF directors.

- XR Technology -
In the XR Space News studio in Shanghai, a 6m high LED screen and a 20m long floor LED screen formed the best stage for this project XR shooting. During the shooting of different scenes, SBF applied various modes such as pure virtual LED ground, pure real props ground, and a combination of part virtual LED ground and part real ground, with real props, the perfect blend of reality and imagination a great sense of reality!
And XR technology's real-time preview mode is to minimize the deviation between the design and the shooting effect, reducing the difficulty of shooting the scene, reducing the risk of rework.

Agency: Havas Events Shanghai

E. Producer: David Ran, Jason Kirby
Show Director: David Ran
Shooting Director: DaBao Gao
Producer: Kaylee Tee, AnAn, HaoMo Liu
Art Directors: XiangLi Zhao
Lead UE Artist/Teams: B-ART, MaoLin Gou, Hei Qiang, Xiaowen, Wei Xing
Lead UE Blueprint: ChengGuang Hao, Xiaowen
DOP: Wei
Shooting Producer: XiaoLiang Li, DaMing Wang
XR Tech Team: Showplus

E. Producer: Jason Kirby
DoP: Severin Strauss
AC: Johannes Suntrup
Director: Adrian Koch
Director Assistant: Johannes Tschepe
Audio: Christoph Walter
Light: Jasper Thelen
MakeUp: Nicola Weidemann
BTS: Felix Broschat
Set Runner: Hendrik Poggenpohl
Photographer: Lukas Bierholz
Producer: Thomas Hermes
Production Assistant: Paul Gerlach

Lead Artist: DaBao Gao
Edit Director: LUMI
Editor: LUMI, XuDong He
3D Animation: A dai, DongYang, Kee, Alvin Gan
Compositor: Dabao Gao, Kee, A dai, Alvin Gan
FX: DaBao Gao
Color Grading & Online Teams: Shan Nai
Audio Mixing: Wu Shuai
BTS Director& Editor: LUMI

Produced at Super Bonfire Group with partners.

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