Vivo S17 Series Virtual Launch 2023

On May 31st, vivo held a product launch event with the theme "Venturing into Mountains and Seas," where the S17 series was introduced to the audience. The vivo S series has always enjoyed a great reputation among the young demographic, with each generation focusing on trendy and stylish slim designs and the highlight of soft lighting for photography. Besides, vivo introduced a brand-new Chinese oriental design aesthetic this time, which utilizing ink particles created by 15 million magnetic particles to create unique phone casing designs in four colors: Mountain & Sea Green, Ice White Jade, Flower Sea & Classic Deep Black. With great attention to detail, vivo interprets the warmth of technology and creates a captivating blend of technology and emotions for the S series.

The launch event provided the audience with a comprehensive product display and experience, showcasing vivo's breakthroughs in design, innovation, and technology. Through carefully planned scenes and vivid storytelling, the advantages and uniqueness of the S17 series and its accompanying products were successfully showcased.

* Disclaimer *​​​​​​​
SBF was responsible for entire Creative Planning, Design, Launch XR production & post-production. Certain content & film were showcased were done by partnering studios & artist including PROduct , Somei Design, TIMA, 73 Studio.

SBF was responsible for the visual scene design, shooting planning, transition design, and post-production execution of the entire event. The S17 launch event was divided into two days of XR studio shooting and two days of outdoor market scene shooting. From the initial meeting with the client on April 20 to the first day of XR shooting on May 8, the team had less than 14 days to complete the design of four different scenes, including storyboarding, creative planning, and shooting plans. For SBF, this was another huge challenge in a race against time.

In terms of technology, we used the Unreal Engine and nDisplay engine to build a virtual landscape – mountain, sea and S road, complementing the S17 series' new color scheme, "Mountain and Sea Green." We also created a beach scene with a summer vibe for the new vivo TWS Air Pro earphones. The overall creativity harmonizes with the positioning and image of the S series products, highlighting the unique value and personality of the S series. It establishes a connection with the target audience, the student community, and perfectly showcases the products as an ideal companion for summer travel. The unique presentation not only captivates the audience's attention but also demonstrates its artistic value.

The biggest challenge this time was the outdoor market shooting, which required coordination between day and night schedules:

The construction and art team had only one day to set up the entire market.
The market covered an area of approximately 400 square meters, with 20 stalls, one main stage for a concert, different atmospheric settings, over 10,000 props, and the cooperation of hundreds of actors.
Unpredictable weather: Due to the extensive content that needed to be filmed, sudden thunderstorms required the mobilization of hundreds of actors, significantly increasing the team's pressure and the difficulty of shooting.
Coordination and cooperation among the directorial team, filming crew, and 300 on-site staff ensured that the shooting was completed smoothly within a short 48-hour period.

From the early stages of the project, there were non-stop meetings, communication, coordination, art design, filming preparations, execution, and post-production, involving a core team of 50 members from Malaysia and Beijing, along with hundreds of staff. The entire process lasted for two months of preparation, five days of location setup, four days of shooting, and two weeks of post-production, including editing, music, animation, adjustments, and fixing any content defects to ensure the best results.

Early Concept Development Visual

Unreal Engine & CG Making Of

Behind the Scenes Photos

VIVO S17 Virtual Launch 2023 Credit List

Brand: Vivo
Agency: Lang Xun

E. Producer: David Ran
E. Creative Director: Kaism Lim
Project Manager: Kaylee Tee
Motion/VFX Producer: Charlotte Chong
Assistant Producer: Anna Huo

Creative & Scene Development
Creative Director: Kaism Lim
Art director: Zhao Xiang Li
Animation / VFX Director – Zhen Yu
Style Frame Support: Bart, GML, Charlotte Chong
Scene Transition: Min Min
Props Master: Li Chao, JOW

Shooting Crew
Technical Director: David Ran
Shoot Director: DB Gao
Assistant Director: David Ran, Mancy
Line Producer: Da Ming, Liang Zi
System and Construction: Showplus, Joint Vision
Log Keeper: Anna Huo, Elinor Yin
UE Artist: Bart, Xiao Wen, GML
UE Programmer: HCG
DOP: Wei
Gaffer: Xing Jing Feng
Stylist: Chen Min
BTS: Yang Zhao

Lead Motion VFX: Madnas, Zhen Yu
3D Artist: Azhan, DongYang, Hu Yong Nan, Kee, Fukun
Compositor/2D Motion: DB Gao, Zhang MinMin, Zhen Yu, Yie Soon, Amin
Support: GML, Jax, Raven

Color Grading: Kaism Lim
Editor : Lumi, Dan He
Online/ Post Team: Infang 07 Studio
Audio Mixing: Wu Jiang

Produced at Super Bonfire Group with partners (Showplus China)

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