Genesis Brand Vision Announcement 2022

We were tasked by Auditoire to produce a creative solution for the Genesis Brand Vision Announcement, to blend the physical and virtual world in a 15-minute film and create a parallel experience in the Chinese Metaverse platform, Baidu Xirang.

The brief was to bring to life Genesis's future EV strategy by creating an elevated experience that will guide the audience from a real familiar environment to a new virtual world built upon the brand vision of sustainability and design philosophy where less is more, and simplicity becomes ultimate sophistication.

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Working along lead agency, SBF was responsible for entire Creative Planning, Design, Launch XR production & post-production. Certain content & film were showcased were done by partnering studios & artist including 
P.I.G & Fin Design

This is the largest XR stage ever built by SBF to date, measuring an impressive 24x8 meters and encompassing a massive 670 square meters of LED volume.

In this film, we introduced a metaverse world that reflects Genesis brand and design philosophy where we transport Markus Henne; CEO of Genesis China who is the presenter for the show, together with Jay Chang (Global Head of Genesis) from Korea and Luc Donckerwolke (Genesis Chief Creative Officer & Chief Brand Officer) from Germany. To achieve this, we proposed the meta world to be shot in a virtual production set where we designed and built 3 different scenes. This meta world is also applied to the Baidu Xirang platform, where the audience can fully experience the real metaverse using their mobile platform.

Speech Scene 01 - Style Frames & Art Direction

Speech Scene 02 - Style Frames & Art Direction

Speech Scene 03 - Style Frames & Art Direction

One of the challenges for us was all three key speakers for the film were in 3 separate locations: Beijing, Frankfurt and Seoul. Therefore, we suggested shooting Markus in Beijing in the virtual production setup while Jay Chang and Luc were shot on a green screen, and we keyed out and composited them into the film.

Multi Location Shooting Setup Plan

UE Scene Setup for XR Shoot

Our team was responsible for the metaverse design and environment design and production, virtual production shooting, full CGI car driving sequences and post-production tasks. The postproduction took two weeks, including clean-up, animation, adjustment and editing.

Cars Unveiling Video

Cars Unveiling Style Frames & Art Direction

Early Concept & Art Direction

Early Metaverse Concept

Genesis Brand Vision Announcement 2022 Credit List

Brand: Genesis
Agency: Auditoire

E. Producer (P.I.G): Nick Dodet 
E. Producer (SBF): David Ran, Jason Kirby
E. Creative Director (SBF): Kaism
Project Manager (P.I.G): Nancy
Project Manager (SBF): Vera Zheng
Producer (SBF): Radzi Atta, Yanlu Guo, Mancy Liu

Creative Development
Creative Director: Kaism
Art Director: Lock Yi, Azhan Karim
Styleframe Support: Busra

Virtual Production
XR Technical Director: David Ran
Director: Shawn Cheng
DOP:Sam (Da Tou)
Assistant Director: Joe
Gaffer: Jimmy
Content Manager: Nancy (P.I.G), Vera Zheng
Unit Production Manager: Da Ming, Liang zi
Logistic Producer: Yang Zhao
Art Dept.Lead:Chen Cong
XR Technical Manager: Tan Lei, Li Qiang
System & Construction: Showplus, SURA先壤影视
Lead Unreal Artist : Bart, Xiao G
Lead UE Blueprint: HCG
UE Artist: Xiao Wen, Wei Xing, Hei Qiang

Post Production & CGI
Animation Director: Azhan Karim
Editing: P.I.G, Xudong He
Lead Compositor: Azhan Karim, Madnas, DB Gao, Zhenyu
Compositors: Syazwan Nazaruddin, Yie Soon, Dongyang, Lorrypop Studio
CG Artists: Hasrezal, Firdaus, Danish, Zi Qing, Kee Li Ming, Lorrypop Studio
UE Artists: Xiao Wen, Wei Xing

Color Grading & Online Team: Fin Design, Shan Nai Video
Clean-up Support: Hasrezal, Firdaus, Danish

Metaverse Development
Creative Lead: Kaism
CG Support: Xiao Wen, Danish
Unity Team: Elloworld

Produced at Super Bonfire Group with partners from P.I.G, Fin Design and Lorrypop Studio

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