2023 Ecovacs Launch Event
'None of your dustiness'

On the evening of August 17th, ECOVACS held its 2023 Strategic New Product Launch Event at the West Bund Art Center in Shanghai. During this event, ECOVACS unveiled three groundbreaking new products: Deebot, Winbot, and Airbot, marking the beginning of a new era of household service robots designed for comprehensive cleaning across various scenarios and surfaces. These three products are set to provide users with a holistic cleaning experience.

For this event, SBF collaborated with HAVAS to create three product showcase videos and opening & countdown videos.

Each video conceptualizes and elevates the product's key features:

DEEBOT X2 - Transforms from a circular shape to a square shape, showing how the robot controls the entire sand and gravel space.
AIRBOT Z2 - Incorporates the vibrant feathers of hummingbirds and unique mobility to highlight the product's key upgrades.
WINBOT W2 - Combines two ships, metaphorically representing the consolidation of the base station and Winbot wires into one, a significant upgrade from the previous generation.

From stage design, art direction, creative concepts, video production, each video seamlessly integrates the unique features of the new products. we visualize the distinctive selling points of the products while embodying the brand philosophy of "None of your dustiness." Through the stage design using CUBE screens and WING screens, a special emphasis was placed on creating an anamorphic effect with CUBE screens, complemented by laser scanning to fully showcase the new products. In addition, we also serve as the show director to provide on-site guidance and adjustments and make sure the integration of show lighting and visuals on the screen achieves the best effect. During post-production, the team station a week in Shanghai to further optimize the videos. SBF meticulously refined every detail, aiming to deliver a visually stunning spectacle for both the client and the audience.

Style Frames

Style Frames

Style Frames

Style Frames

StoryBoard Development

The biggest challenge we faced during this project was

In the AIRBOT Z2 video, the production of the hummingbirds and growing plant was the major focus on how to optimize the simulation of the hummingbird's form, and interaction with the vegetation to achieve a visually perfect representation of nature.

Furthermore, each video required the output of 50 frames at a resolution of a total 17,000 pixels, leading to significant pressure during post-production.

Additionally, due to team members hailing from different countries, efficient time management while striving for perfection was of utmost importance.

Behind The Scenes Photos


Agency: Havas Shanghai
E. Producer: Kirby Jason Albert, David Ran 
E. Creative Director: Kaism Lim
Project Manager: Kaylee Tee
Production Producer: Kaylee Tee, Elinor

Content Creative Team
Main Launch Film:
Creative Director: Syazwan Nazaruddin 
Art Director: Lockyi
SF 3D Support: Dai

Product Teaser:
Creative Director: Syazwan Nazaruddin 
Art Director: Busra
SF 3D Support: Dai

Production Team
Opening & Countdown:
CG Lead/ Main Comp: Min Min
3D Artist: Zi qing, Yie Soon, Rafif, Firdaus 
Compositor: Min min, Yie soon, Jia wei

X2 Product Reveal Film:
CG Lead/ Main Comp: Madnas 
3D Artist: Kee
Compositor: Madnas

W2 Product Reveal Film:
CG Lead/ Main 
Comp: Zhenyu 
3D Artist: Dongyang, GML, Hu 
Compositor: Zhenyu, Dong Yang

Z2 Product Reveal Film:
CG Lead/ Main Comp: Azhan 
3D Artist: Dai & team, Taozi 
Compositor: Azhan

W2 & Z2 Product Teaser:
CG Lead/ Main Comp: Dai
3D Artist: Dai & team
Compositor: Dai & team

On site Team
Show Director: David Ran
Show Director Assistant: Mancy Liu
Backstage: Chang Gao
On site Producer: Kaylee Tee, Elinor
On site Artist: Syazwan, Madnas, Azhan, MinMin, Dong Yang, Hu, Dai, Taozi

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