iQOO Neo9 Launch
An 'Overflowing with Passion' online launch

On December 27, 2023, iQOO held a launch event for  Neo9 series, emphasizing robust gaming performance. Alongside the Neo9 series, three additional products were unveiled: iQOO WATCH, iQOO TWS 1e, and the latest iQOO Cooling Back Clip.

SBF was responsible for the overall event planning, scene design, planning and coordination of shooting, opening video production, transition design, and post-production for this project.

We collaborated with the agency Meanwell to complete this ambitious project in just 8 weeks.

Opening Video - 'Neo Space Unleashed'
Taking the audience deep into the internals of the Neo9 phone, revealing a space full of passion and vitality. The camera slowly advances towards the screen, opening a tunnel with technological effects, activating the chip, and rapidly spreading energy throughout the tunnel. The Q logo on the floor and screen sets the stage for the main speaker, Luo Feng.

Additionally, we created three unique iQOO-exclusive esports scenes based on the brand's passionate elements, aiming to convey the spirit of super gamers – passionate, pursuing the ultimate, and born to win.

During the event, we cleverly integrated AR effects with significant visual impact, showcasing a highly technological atmosphere.

AR - Red-White Soul

AR - Nautical Blue & Fighting Black

Due to the extremely tight project timeline, SBF completed this challenging task in just 8 weeks. The iQOO Neo9 series launch event, created in collaboration with our client and Meanwell, provided the audience with a distinctive and powerful gaming experience. Once again, our team demonstrated outstanding capabilities in crafting impressive launch events.

StyleFrame Development

Brand: iQOO
Agency: Meanwell
E. Creative Director: Kaism Lim
E. Producer: David Ran
Lead Technical Director: David Ran
Creative Director: Syazwan Nazaruddin
Project Management: Kaylee Tee
Production Producer: Charlotte Chong
Junior Producer: Elinor Yin
Logistic Producer: Crystal Gao

Shooting Production
Shooting Director: DB Gao
Assistant Director: David Ran
Content Manager: Kaylee Tee
Line Producer: Da Ming, Liang Zi
System & Construction: ShowPlus
DOP: Yang jing hui
Gaffer: Xiao zhi
Log Keeper: Charlotte Chong, Elinor Yin

Show Pre-Pro & Planning
Creative Direction: Syazwan Nazaruddin
Art Director: Lockyi Chong
Asst. Art Director: Busra Bat
STB Planning: Syazwan Nazaruddin, Lockyi, KC
Animation / VFX Director: Syazwan Nazaruddin, Azhan Karim
Style Frame Design: Lockyi, Busra, KC
Scene Design Support: Kee, Zhenyu Guo

Creative & Scene Production
Project Lead: Syazwan Nazaruddin, Azhan Karim, DB Gao
Main Compositors: Syazwan Nazaruddin, Min Min, DB Gao, Zhen Yu, Dong Yang, Madnas, Azhan Karim, Lockyi
Compositors: Yie Soon
Compositor Support: KC
3D Animation: Azhan, Ziqing, GML, Dong Yang, Kee, Rafif, Danish, Firdaus
Post: Le Zhong Hai
Editor: Lumi, He Xudong

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