We did a customize content for Weltmeister (Weima) show. The idea of making fun of modern technology vs Chinese fairy tale on traveling. The show director would like to have the famous "Journey to the West' version modified into a fun and interesting stories to show the difference of modern understanding happening in the past. We team up with our talented partners to produce this 3 different stories in 3 weeks.


Client - Weltmeister
Event Agency - Kingway

3D Animated Films
Creative & Animation Director - Kaism
Executive Producer - David Ran
Producer - Vera Zheng
Script Writers - Amber Li, Vera Zheng
Art Director - Wednesday Rong
Animation Director - Yow Wu Bin
Lead Animator - Sufie
Lighting & Texture - Sky Ng
Compositors - Wednesday Rong, Matthew Phan, Meng Xu
VO Recording - Wu Shuai
Sound Effects & Music Edit - Meng Xu

Produced at Super Bonfire Group with partners (Moving Apes, Two People Studio)


Screen Shots

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